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Safety Systems and Access Solutions

At Group Tegula, we are also qualified to supply and install a range of roof safety systems:

Permanent or Temporary Guard Rails to Roofs

Manufactured in Galvanised Steel or Aluminium, they can be either Freestanding, Parapet Fix or Top Fix and are compliant with:

  • EN ISO 14122 Part 3
  • EN 13374 Class A
  • HSG-33 Health and Safety in roof works
  • HES INDG 284 Working on roofs
  • BS 6399 Part 2 1995 Wind code

Temporary Safety netting

These allow staff to work safely at height, for example whilst working on roof lights or indeed during new build or refurbishment projects

Fixed Access Ladders

To allow access to the roof top from ground level.

Fixed Post & Wire Systems

Walk Safe walkways

These allow service engineers access across a roofed area. Options include grated or anti slip coated walkways, handrails, colour coding and desingnated access only routes

Roof Light Protective Covers

Lightning Protection


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